Semantics: local music aiming high | D•Scribe

Australia’s next generation of music is going to be well represented if Triple J’s Unearthed program is anything to go by, as the up-and-coming band Semantics have smashed their way onto the scene. Semantics is a group of young adults hailing from Queensland who are devoted to the idea of connecting meaning to their words. There is no attempt to hide the lyrics under complex layers, and that provides a very honest and real experience to listen to. The band’s lead guitarist Gerard Settgast says

Is local volunteering at risk of being lost? | D•Scribe

Volunteer groups are at risk of disappearing within the next three decades if younger generations do not take part and help out in the community. Former President for the Rotary Club of Bendigo, Alison Bacon, says the lack of younger people in these community groups is not just a local problem, rather it is an issue that is affecting Australia as a whole. “It’s actually extending out into the district, Australia wide…even Rotary International have acknowledged recently that we have an ageing m

Yesterday review: Worthy of the namesake? | D•Scribe

The new feature film Yesterday (2019) draws upon the image of The Beatles, one of the most popular bands in the world to create intrigue and draw an audience in. Yet the film doesn’t do The Beatles any justice. In what was promised to be a film full of nostalgic enjoyment for those in love with the little band from Merseyside, what was provided instead was an awkward mix of romantic comedy and strange pacing, that left people wondering if they saw the right film. The question is certainly vali

Disney vs Sony: Spider-Man is “Far From Home” | D•Scribe

Spider-Man is no longer in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The most recent iteration of Stan Lee’s famous hero is the focal point of a tug of war between cinematic powerhouses Disney and Sony over whether to keep the popular superhero in Marvel’s headlining franchise. Confirmed by both Sony and actor Tom Holland, the collapse has resulted in the previous agreement between the two companies being dropped and both sides once more going in different directions. So the question

Podcast: AFL or NRL? | D•Scribe

Entering the last weeks of the AFL and NRL finals series, it has been an eventful year for Australian sport with the country’s most prominent codes showing no signs of slowing down. After the controversy surrounding the changes to AFL rules at the start of the year, Lynden Bullow and Travis Martin decided to visit a conversation that has plagued Australia’s pub sport conversations for decades: which of the two major codes of football is “better“? The age-old debate was rekindled by an article